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We moved! We are located at 7600 Leesburg Pike, 200 East, Falls Church, VA 22043 



Chief Executive Officer/President

Isibor Joy Nosegbe, DNP, MSN-Ed, RN, CNE, CLNC

Standard College was founded in 2004 by Isibor Joy Nosegbe, DNP, MSN-Ed, RN, CNE, CLNC, who currently serves as the President/Chief Executive Officer of the institution.

Heather Ettus
Deputy Executive Director
Heather Ettus, JD, BA
Director of Education
Rondine Douglas-Stanley, Ed.D, RN, CNE, BC
Adeline Mbendaka
Assistant Director of Education
Adeline Samba, DNP, MSN, RN
Binta Kaba
Clinical Director
Bintha Sillah-Kabba, MSN, RN
Student Academic Support
Stacey Ravid, PhD, MSN, RN, CNS
Director of Compliance
Lisley Anco, MPH
Administrative Staff
  • Youssra Bouadil, BBA
  • Cara Glaser, BS
  • Freweiny Tesfazghi, BS
  • Petros Yosief, BS
  • Melanie Vu
  • Doha Mahir, BA
  • Silvia Asencio
  • Oumatti Mahabir
  • Frederick Walker
  • Abisogun, Esther DNP, MSN, RN
  • Asuah, Caroline BSN, RN
  • Ariguzo, Nneka MSN, FNP-C, APRN, CM/DN
  • Bell, Sarah MPH, BSN, RN
  • Boamah, Rita, DNP, MSN, RN
  • Caridad- Cortina, Maria, MSN, RN
  • Falope, Ebunoluwa DNP, MSN-Ed, WHNP-BC, RN
  • Fomenko, Alisa, BSN, RN
  • Gallegos, Sandra, MSN, RN
  • George, Hannah MSN, MBA, RN
  • Gross, Kristine MSN, RN
  • Habito, Maria Pia, MSN, RN
  • Haile, Meseret DNP, MS, RN
  • Jalloh, Elizabeth, BSN, RN
  • Jefferson, Trayce PhD, MSN-Ed, RN
  • Kabba, Bintha, MSN, RN
  • Kabba, Fatmata, MSN, RN
  • Kamau, Nancy, BSN, RN
  • Chante Kelliebrew, MSN, PMHNP-BS,RN
  • Manor, Kaie, BSN, RN
  • Mustapha, Silifat, MPH, BSN, RN
  • Nirmal, Premeela, MSN- Ed, RN
  • Obeng, Priscilla, BSN, MBA, RN
  • Ravid, Stacey, PhD, MSN, RN, CNS
  • Rose, Erin, MSN-Ed, RN
  • Sarkodie- Addo, Glenda, BSN, RN
  • Samba, Adeline F, MSN, DNP, RN
  • Sesay, James, MSN, RN
  • Taffesse, Yared, BSN, RN
  • Wurie, Fatmata D., BSN, RN
  • Wurie, Fatmatta, MSN, FNP-BC, RN
  • Yakusheva, Yulia, MSN, FNP-BC, RN

Availability of Employee for Dissemination Purposes

Standard College ensures that the consumer information is made available to prospective students, students, faculty, and employee through appropriate publications and electronic media.