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We moved! We are located at 7600 Leesburg Pike, 200 East, Falls Church, VA 22043 

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As a faculty member or Student at Standard Healthcare Services Inc., College of Nursing, what software do I need for my home computer?

There are several pieces of software that you should have for your home computers. Listed below are the bare minimums.

  • Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 for the Operating System. We do not support mac computers at the College of Nursing because a number of teaching programs and videos only run on PC computers.
  • Office 2003 or newer for the suite of office applications.
  • A good Anti-Virus program (kept up to date)
  • Adobe Reader (free download)
  • Flash Player (free download)
  • Java (free download)
  • Silverlight (free download)

It would also be a good idea to use anti-spyware programs, such as Ad-Aware and or Spybot Search and Destroy (both are free downloads), to keep your computer free of spyware.