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Transfer of Credit Policies

Incoming Transfer Students

Standard Healthcare Services College of Nursing awards transfer credit according to the guidelines discussed in this document. The Admissions’ Office determines whether college credits previously earned at other institutions may be transferred to Standard College to fulfill degree/program requirements. All transferrable credits are listed on the Standard College transcript, however, grades for transfer credits do not appear on the Standard College transcript and are not included in the student’s GPA calculation.

Transfer Credit

Transferred credits from institutions recognized by the U.S. Department of Education or State Council of Higher Education will be considered. Students seeking advanced placement will be considered on an individual basis, through personal interview, review of records, testing, if applicable and space availability. Admission requirement must also be met. Any decision on the comparability, appropriateness and applicability of credit and whether they should be accepted is the decision of Standard College.

Foreign transcripts: the student must request to have official college-level transcripts sent to a recognized credential evaluation service. Please visit the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES®) for a list of members and their websites. In this evaluation, the transcript will be translated into English, if needed, authenticated and equivalencies set to determine the level of education and its relation to accredited institutions in the United States. The results of the evaluation must be sent from the agency to Standard College. While Standard College agrees to review the evaluation for possible transfer credits, we reserve the right to accept or deny credits based upon the results of the evaluation. Fees are the responsibility of the student.

 Restrictions on Transfer Credit

Standard College reserves the right to accept or reject credits earned at other institutions of higher education that are not compatible with those offered in its Nursing Programs. Some general categories of courses never receive transfer credit-or, in some instances, receive credit on a restricted basis only. Examples of courses that receive no credit include:

    •  Courses considered below college level.
    • Coursework earned at an institution that did not hold at least candidacy status with its regional accrediting association when the coursework was taken.
    • Courses offered for non-credit continuing education units.
    • Courses providing instruction in English as a Second Language (100-level or above).*
    • Remedial courses in any academic discipline.
    • Non-academic/vocational-technical courses.

Standard College does not accept experiential learning credits.

Transferability of Credits

Courses taken in the Practical Nursing Program are vocational in nature and generally are not transferable to a college, university or institution of higher learning. The Associate of Applied Science in Nursing Degree is designed to prepare students for direct entry to health career. Credits earned in this program may not be applicable to other degrees. The school does not guarantee the transferability of credits to a college, university or institution.

 Articulation Agreements

These are agreements between community colleges and four-year colleges to provide a smooth transition for transfer students from college graduates into four-year colleges. Typically they either guarantee that the associate’s degree will satisfy all freshman and sophomore general education requirements at the four-year university or specify a list of courses that will be treated as equivalent. Standard College does not have Articulation Agreements with any school at the moment.