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We moved! We are located at 7600 Leesburg Pike, 200 East, Falls Church, VA 22043 

Health Requirements

Physical Examination and Immunization Requirements

Standard Healthcare Services, Inc. College of Nursing requires that all full-time and part-time students submit proof of  a Physical Examination and immunization record. The “Physical Health Assessment Form” is available at the Main Office.

The Following listed items are to be completed once you have been notified that you are provisionally accepted at Standard College.

  • A physical examination by a licensed health care professional, including urine and blood tests, must be completed.
  • Recommendations for Personnel Providing Patient Care:

Every person serving in a patient care role in a facility is required to provide evidence of the following communicable disease screens and/or vaccinations unless physician documented medical or religious reason for non-compliance.

Immunization Requirements

  • It is also recommended that you obtain the following immunizations:  Pneumonia and meningitis. These immunizations are not required, but they are recommended for your safety and the safety of patients.

Vaccination Policy

Standard College nursing programs require students to complete a designated number of hours at a clinical site. Participation in activities at clinical off-site locations have vaccination and immunization requirements. Students must adhere to the strict health care requirements of the clinical sites by timely submitting appropriate healthcare forms, immunizations, and background checks. Students who do not clear the healthcare, immunizations, and background checks will not be eligible to participate in the nursing education programs. There are no health and safety exemptions. Students are made aware of the vaccination, immunization and background checks during the admission process and at the mandatory orientation.