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Academic Progression

LPN to RN Transition Program - Academic Progression

Standard College’s LPN to RN Transition program nursing courses must be taken in sequence as specified unless approved by the faculty. All course prerequisites must be successfully completed prior to starting the course. Students must satisfactorily complete each term of the program before progressing to the succeeding term. Satisfactory Academic Progression Standards shall be monitored at the end of each course and more often if indicated.

  1. Students must achieve a final grade of 79.50% or better in each course and “Pass” for each clinical course.
  2. Students must maintain a minimum of 90% attendance for each theory and clinical course.
  3. Any student scoring less than 79.50% on any nursing course shall be placed on academic probation
  4. Any student scoring less than 79.50% on any course for the second time shall be dismissed from the program for academic reasons.
  5. Any student scoring less than 79.50% on more than one course shall be dismissed from the program.
  6. In addition to grades, general professional behaviors are essential for progression in the program.  Using the Academic Integrity Policy, Professional Behaviors and the Code of Ethics and/or Code of Conduct policies noted in this handbook, faculty will evaluate these behaviors throughout the course and communicate with the students if their progression is in jeopardy.
  7. Student shall complete all program requirements within the maximum time frame of 21 months (84 weeks).

A change in the physical abilities of a student preventing the student from meeting the program objectives as required may lead to a withdrawal from the program. Students also have an option of requesting a Leave of Absence (LOA) from the program for up to 180 days. (See essential functions under admissions policy).


A student scoring less than 79.50% in a course shall be required to repeat the course in order to progress in the program. To retake a course, students must timely complete three steps:

(1) Within 3 days from receipt of the email from the Registrar Office notifying the student that she/he did not pass the course, send the Petition to Repeat a Course Form to the Registrar Office by email at or fax at (703) 891-1789.

(2)Timely pay for the re-take course.

(3) Send the Registrar’s Office an email the same day the payment is made.

An invoice will be posted to the student’s account after the Registrar’s Office receives the completed Petition to Repeat a Course Form.

Student’s must pay for at least half of repeat course fee by the deadline on the invoice. A Payment Plan will automatically be provided to student which allows the student to pay half of the course by the deadline on the invoice and the half of the repeat course fee by mid-course.

After the appropriate payment is timely made, the Registrar Office places the student on a Wait List. Students placed on the Wait List are NOT guaranteed with a spot in the course. A spot in the course depends upon space availability. The school may not know whether a space becomes available until one or two days before the course begins. In addition, the next available course may be with a different schedule.

Students must have a “0” balance in their account, separate from the cost to retake the course. Students will not be eligible to retake a course with an overdue balance in their account.

Students who have been away from the program for more than 6 months will be withdrawn from the program. A student who has been withdrawn must take and pass a placement test in order to be readmitted to Standard college.

Failing a course and waiting for next available course does not meet all the conditions for an Academic/ FSA Approved Leave of Absence. Therefore, the student is considered a withdrawal for Student Financial Aid/Title IV purposes only.


Standard College makes every effort to assist students succeed through the program. In cases in which a student does not meet the standards of satisfactory academic progression he or she shall be placed on probation or be dismissed from the program.  A student dismissed for failure to meet satisfactory academic progression standard may apply for re-admission to the program after 180 days from the date of dismissal. (See Return to Program Policy)


  1. A student shall be placed on academic probation after scoring less than 79.50% in any course in the LPN to RN Transition Program.
  2. A student shall be placed on academic probation for unsatisfactory attendance as defined by Standard College’s attendance policy.
  3. A student shall be dismissed from the program for scoring less than 79.50% on a second course in the LPN to RN Transition Program.
  4. A student may be placed on probation, suspended or dismissed from the program for violation of the Academic Integrity Policy, Test-Taking Policy, Professional Behavior, Code of Ethics and/or Code of Conduct.
  5. A student who has been dismissed from the program for the first time may reapply to the program after 180 days.
  6. A student dismissed from the program for the second time may reapply after three (3) years.


The student will be provided with written notification that he/she has been placed on academic probation or has been dismissed from the program for academic reasons. The notification will include details about the status and how to retake the class or return to the program, as well as information on how to appeal the decision.


Students may appeal an academic probation, or dismissal decision. The appeal must be  based on the ground that the school made an error in calculating the student’s course grade. It is the student’s burden to demonstrate that he/she scored 79.5% or better in the course and should not have been placed on Academic Probation or dismissed from the program.

 The appeal must be in writing and received by the school within 5 business days of the student’s receipt of notification of the probation or dismissal decision. Failure to file a written request within the specified time will constitute a waiver of the right to an appeal.

The appeal shall be reviewed by the Academic Review Committee (ARC), which is comprised of the President, Director of Education, Deputy Executive Director, and, when possible, a faculty member. The ARC shall review the student’s academic record, information offered by the Director of Education regarding the grounds for dismissal, any response made by the student, and additional information the ARC may request. The ARC will make a final decision in the matter after reviewing the appeal.


Students who do not score 79.50% in a course are required to retake the course in order to continue in the program. Students are provided with an Administrative Break while waiting for the next available course to begin. Space availability is a factor in determining when a student may re-enter the program. The student must make satisfactory financial arrangements prior to final approval for re-admission. A student who waits more than 45 days to retake a course will be considered an FSA withdrawal.  A student failing to return from an Administrative Break within 180 days shall be considered withdrawn from the program.

Information about how a leave of absence impacts the repayment of a student loan can be found in the section: Consequences of an Academic/FSA Leave of Absence or Withdrawal on Repayment of Student Loan.


  1. A student repeating a course must complete the course within the maximum time frame allowed for program completion.
  2. A student may repeat no more than one (1) course while enrolled in the LPN to RN Transition Program. Failing more than one (1) course or failing the same course more than once while enrolled in the program shall lead to dismissal from the program.
  3. The student repeating a class will not graduate with their original cohort.
  4. Courses are offered twice a year; the student may have to wait up to 6 months for the next available course.
  5. There shall be a charge for repeating a course. The cost of the course shall be paid prior to re-enrollment.