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We moved! We are located at 7600 Leesburg Pike, 200 East, Falls Church, VA 22043 

Physical Assessment

Physical Assessment Part One

General Survey ,  LOC, Signs of Distress, Mood Affect, Body size, Grooming,  Vital Signs, Height and Weight, Skin Condition and Color

Head and Face:   Inspect and Palpate, Skull Size and Symmetry, Condition of Hair and Scalp, Facial Symmetry (assessment of Cranial Nerves), Palpation of sinus

Eyes:  Color and Hydration of the Conjunctiva, Extra Ocular Movement, Visual Acuity, PERRLA

Physical Assessment Part Two

Eyes:  PERRLA, Six Cardinal Fields of Gaze

Ears:  External Ear, Tympanic Membrane, Weber and Rinne Test,

Mouth:  Hard and Soft Palate, Oropharynx, anterior an posterior pillars, Uvula, Tonsils and Posterior Pharynx,  Gag reflex, Temperomandibular Joint,  Lymph nodes of Face……Continued on next video

Physical Assessment Part Three

Neck:  Symmetry of neck, trachea, thyroid, range of motion, shoulder shrug, carotid pulses, lymph nodes of neck.

Thoracic Region:  Anterior and Posterior,  Auscultation of Lungs, Broncho-Vesicular Sounds,  Tactile Fremitus, Resonance,  Tenderness……Continued in next video

Physical Assessment Part Four

Thoracic Region:  Anterior and Posterior, Auscultation of Lungs, Broncho-Vesicular Sounds, Tactile Fremitus, Resonance, Tenderness

Cardiac:  Palpate Apical Pulse, Auscultate Heart sounds at Aortic, Pulmonic, Tricuspid, and Mitral.  Identify S1 and S2.

Upper Extremities:  Skin characteristic, symmetry, and deformities, brachial and radial pulse, range of motion, muscle strength, sensation, and deep tendon reflexes.  Capillary refill and Clubbing of fingers.

Breast:  Size, Symmetry, nipple discharge, lesions (may need to teach self-breast exam)

Physical Assessment Part Five

Neurologic:  Note Use of Muscles, ease of movement and coordination, assess gait, compare vibratory sensation, spinal alignment, , two point discrimination, alternating supination and pronation, Deep tendon reflexes

Abdominal:  Inspect, Auscultate, percuss, palpate, Pulsations, masses, tenderness, palpate kidney…Continues to next video

Physical Assessment Part Six

Abdominal:  Inspect, Auscultate, percuss, palpate, Pulsations, masses, tenderness, palpate kidney

Lower Extremities:  Skin Characteristics, Hair distribution and deformities, Vascular sufficiency, Homan’s Sign, Pulses temperature, Range of motion, motor strength, reflexes,

May also perform Romberg Test here to assess Acoustic Nerve.