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Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Programs

Recognizing the serious consequences resulting from the inappropriate use of drugs by all ages and segments of our society, Standard College has established student and employee policies that prohibit the possession or consumption of controlled substances on campus. Beyond potential disciplinary action, the College recognizes the need and responsibility to provide information and counseling services regarding the hazards of substance abuse. The following program of activities and services constitutes Standard College’s effort to prevent substance abuse by its students, faculty and staff. The Deans of Students Support provide oversight for the content and timeliness of the programs.

  1. At least once a year, each campus conducts a seminar, workshop, presentation or other program of information and awareness open to all students, faculty and staff.
  2. Standard College provides readily available brochures and information which may be used by individuals for personal information and awareness.
  3. Falls Church City police is available to give a general public safety talk to the students, faculty, and Staff.
  4. A list of referral services in Northern Virginia that specialize in assisting persons with substance abuse issues is available through 2-1-1 VIRGINIA at
  5.  Student, faculty and staff requesting assistance will be referred to the appropriate public agencies.