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Populi Information

Populi Information

  • Populi is Standard College’s college management software. Each registered student will have access to a Populi account where he/she will be able to access academic records.
  • Login
    • Standard College will create an account for you. You will receive an email, with a username and instructions on how to create a password. This username cannot be changed and a lengthy, complex password is required from you because we wanted to make sure your information is more secure and hacker-resistant. You will n eed to contact the main office to reset your password.
  • Home
    • Every time you log in, you’ll go straight to your Populi Home page.
    • Home is a dashboard—that is, it tells you (and links to) what’s going on right now and what’s going to happen (rather like a car’s dashboard). Depending on what you have going on, Home might show you Alerts, News, Invitations, Events, To-Dos, and Courses.
    • Click My Profile to go to your Profile. Your profile shows or links to just about all the information about you that’s stored in Populi—contact info, academic history, and so on.
    • The Financial tab displays your invoices, fees, transactions, and other information about your financial relationship with your school. You can get there via your profile, or via any financial alerts that may display on your Home page (e.g. “You have overdue unpaid invoices”)
    • How do I make an online payment?
      • Our school has set up credit card processing through Populi, you can make online payments using a credit card online.
      • You can get to the payment page one of two ways…
        • Home > Dashboard > Alerts
        • My Profile > Financial > Dashboard
      • Search
        • The Search Bar is available on every screen of Populi. Use it to instantly locate any person, contact, course, file, etc., that you’re allowed to access.
      • Help
        • Click the help link above the search bar to log in to this help system. You’ll be logged right in.
      • Bulletin Board
        • The Bulletin Board lets you post updates on your profile. Anything you post—whether on your profile or someone else’s (posts and comments)—is public, and anyone at your college will be able to read it.
      • Student Tab
        • Your basic student information: your Student ID number, Entrance Term (the Academic Term you first arrived at this college), and your Advisor. Student required documentation is also posted in this tab. Grades and transcript information is also available here.
      • Course information
        • Once you start a new class, the information for your class such as class schedule, syllabus, grades, instructor information and other information posted by your instructor will be available under each course you are taking.

SMS Emergency Notifications


Populi alert system is an alert system that allows Standard College of Nursing to contact you during an emergency by sending text message to your:

  • Cell phone
  • E-mail (school, personal, other)

Populi alert system is a free service offered by Standard Healthcare Services, INC. College of Nursing.
Your wireless carrier may charge you a fee to receive messages on your wireless device.

Standard Healthcare Services, INC. College of Nursing will send important alerts, updates and instructions right to your cell phone or mobile device using your device’s text message (SMS) feature, and/or to your e-mail account(s).
We will inform you in the event of an emergency, such severe weather incident, school closures or a terrorist attack.


It’s really simple:

First, to receive emergency notifications via SMS you need to opt-in in your personal settings.

To do this, click on settings in the upper right-hand corner of your Populi account. Then click on the notifications tab, choose a carrier and enter your phone number to get your verification code.  Once you’ve submitted your verification code, you can now receive SMS messages from Standard College Populi.

You can also watch this video to learn how to set up notifications.

Standard Healthcare Services, INC. College of Nursing also recommends students and faculty to sign up for the Community Emergency Alert Network (CEAN) for Fairfax County.

CEAN delivers important emergency alerts, notifications and updates during a major crisis or emergency, in addition to day-to-day notices about weather and traffic. Messages will be delivered to all devices you register. Students and staff can register devices at